Fine Jewelry Care


Whether you are enquiring about product care or product features, we are here to assist and also we are carefully examined and considered your pieces before carry out any after-sales service, including jewelry repairs, resizing, engraving and more.

All the fine jewelry purchase from Boîte Laque, you can enjoy:

Complimentary jewelry inspection and cleaning

We will determine the best method, either through soft brushes or ultrasonic cleaners, to bring the brilliance back to your piece.


Subject to individual styles, we can enlarge or reduce the size of rings, bracelets or necklaces at your request.


Subject to individual styles, you can personalize your piece by engraving a name, phrase, date or even symbol on it. 


Removing superficial scratches or dullness, we will delicately restore the luster of your piece.


Subject to the condition of your piece, we will skillfully restore its original appearance or functionality. Services include assembling broken parts as well as reshaping and resetting stones.