Orbit Opal Aquamarine Ring

  • $1,150.00

Stunning platinum plated 925 silver orbit inspired statement ring featuring cabochon opal decorate by Aquamarine and Diopside accents.

Ring Size : US size 6.5-7 ( able to resizing, please contact us)     

  • platinum plated 925 silver
  • Natural 7ct Opal, Aquamarine and Diopside
  • one-of-a-kind

We hand-selecting conflict-free , high quality  materials and honoring the experience of second -generation jewelers , each BOITE LAQUE fine Jewelry piece is meticulously handcrafted.

Gemstone Properties & Meanings 

Opal is a wonderfully supportive stone, dedicated to healing and strengthening the emotional body for those willing to peer honestly into the true self. Opal’s high internal energy brings thoughts and feelings to the surface for examination, and reveals what one’s emotional state has been in the past, or even in previous lives. This amplification and cleansing process may be intense when first working with Opal, but over time teaches one to take responsibility for one’s feelings while clearing past wounds, fears and resentments. It facilitates the letting go of negative behaviors and soothes the emotional body, helping one feel more in control. It assists one in becoming more positive and loving, more creative and spontaneous. Known as a “stone of happy dreams and changes,” Opal brings happiness from the understanding that one has unlimited potential and is inherently perfect, and that change comes with situations and actions that allow one’s aspirations to rise.